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As you can well imagine, Zoe’s Hope will be very grateful for extra pairs of hands to help. 

All of the paid staff at Zoe's Hope are local Zambians. We would like to see overseas volunteers coming alongside, working together and sharing skills with these friendly people. Volunteers will find Zambia a different world and will be enriched by the different perspective... likewise Zambians have a lot to offer back to them as well!

If you have experience in Childcare, Teaching, Nursing, Physiotherapy, Play Therapy, Psychology, etc we need you. In the early 'building' days we need volunteers with trade experience - Plumbers, Electricians, Carpenters , Farmers or Gardeners - please contact us on information below to see how your skills can assist.

Last but not least, we need those with huge hearts - who love children and who are willing to get their hands dirty. Working with Zoes Hope will be unpredictable - jobs may include hospital visits, shopping outings and home visitation just to name a few...

Once we are established we would love to see you visit with us.

Contact us

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