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Vocational Training...

Statistically, most orphan children do not tend to do very well in school. They often start education late, having never attended school until they go to live in an Orphanage. Once there, they are generally sent to poor schools, with big class sizes, where the educational standard is very low, and they do not receive the support from 'home' they need in order to succeed.

From what we have seen and been told – a lot of these children are unable to progress through normal schooling and this leaves them with very bleak futures – especially with no family network to support them, which is so essential in African Culture.

The Orphanages in Zambia are all struggling with too many children, not enough money and very few solutions to this 'teenage' problem. Statistics show that many of these teenagers end up leaving their Orphanages with no prospects – they often do not get work and frequently end up living back on the streets or in extreme poverty.

Zoe’s Hope has a vision to see some of these Teenagers given a chance at a future through building on their education and teaching them skills so that they are able to gain employment in the future and make a life for themselves.

Due to the needs of running the home, initially girls who are interested will be trained up in all aspects of caring for the babies and our goal is to see some of this training recognized with certificates of completion. These girls will have various classes such as English, hygiene and infection control, cooking, cleaning, HIV training and awareness, First Aid as well as assisting the carers with the daily care routine of the home – which will give them a huge advantage when it comes to applying for jobs in the future.


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