A not-for-profit enterprise impacting the lives of children in Zambia


Impacting the lives of children at risk in Zambia through love in action!

Zoe’s Hope was registered in Australia in 2008 and Zambia in 2010. With land purchased in Luska, we hope to build a transitional home for children at-risk with a focus on premature babies. Zoe's Hope is a not-for-profit organisation aiming to meet the needs of vulnerable children in Zambia - preparing them for re-integration back into their families or into long-term accommodation.

A team of local Zambians and Australians have joined to form two boards to oversee Zoes Hope Zambia. This board will develop projects in Zambia. The fundraising/logistical side of the organisation based in Melbourne, Australia.

The aim of Zoe’s Hope is to provide and maintain a centre for the care, nurture and development of premature babies and at-risk children in Zambia. We also aim to re-integrate these babies back into extended birth families and communities or into a safe place they can call home - where their ongoing needs can be adequately met.

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Premature babies nurtured to health
with the hope of a healthy life ahead.
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